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My Story

Dr. Glover is a licensed optometrist (United States & Nigeria), entrepreneur and optometric leader. He received his Psychology degree from North Carolina State University followed by a Bachelors in Science and Doctorate of Optometry from Salus University (formerly known as The Pennsylvania College of Optometry).
Dr. Glover has worked in the optometric industry for nearly two decades. He has worn many hats in the industry including eyewear sales consultant, optometric technician, optical manager and Optometrist. In addition the holding the aforementioned positions, he has trained each position.  Dr. Glover is well respected throughout the optometric industry and have formed long lasting relationships which adds value to the services he provides. He is committed to customer satisfaction and takes a unique approach to achieving such.  Dr. Glover believes that ESE Development provides unparalleled optometric services.


Dr. Glover’s marketing and business acumen has been a major asset to his practice. His mastery of social media marketing and strategy proved invaluable in generating patient referrals and bringing in patients with outside prescriptions. This helped drive revenue by increasing awareness of our services and frame selection to patients that may never have known we existed if not for him.

Gerard Johnson, Practice Manager

Dr. Glover is passionate about optometry and committed to providing exceptional patient care. He asks insightful questions and demonstrates a genuine interest in understanding how Acuvue product benefits and features can best meet his patients needs. He adopts new technology quickly and I rely on his honest feedback regarding products, service, and corporate initiatives.

Kaleah Smith, Sr. Territory Business Manager at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

Dr. Glover is an energized and enthusiastic voice in optical and optometry. Any time I have had the privilege to work with him, I have been impressed by his knowledge and passion for what he does. Through his website, patient care, and social media interactions he is one of the leading voices in our industry in the new generation of practitioners.

Dr. Jennifer Lyerly, Optometrist & Blogger

I have had the pleasure of working with Darryl on a number of projects through Eye See Euphoria. Darryl is always highly professional and takes an intelligent creative approach to all of his work. Highly recommended.

Jason Kirk, Managing Director at Kirk & Kirk

His leadership and natural business talent have played a vital role in the quick growth of a cold start practice. In the three years we worked together his practice exceeded corporate goals consistently. He has a true entrepreneur spirit and the motivation to achieve the goals that he sets. Dr. Glover is a great role model to his patients and staff. He is an exceptional mentor and I truly enjoyed working by his side and would work with him again.

Laura Cybulski, Optometric Technician

I can truly say that Dr. Glover is one of the most caring individuals about his patients, his staff and his practice. He is an out of the box thinker that combines his clinical expertise with fashion forward thinking on the eyewear side of our business by providing the unique and stylish eyewear for his patients. I am proud that I have had the opportunity to work alongside with Dr. Glover for so many years

Wes Hinson, Regional Manager at MyEyeDr

He continues to be passionate about patient care, going above and beyond to solve tough vision problems for patients as well as be a team player in the office.

Angela McCoy, VP of Business Operations at MyEyeDr

Dr. Glover made my job as an optical consultant much easier with his doctor optical transfers. He was exceptional at letting the patient know what his recommendation was for frames and lenses. He also helped get the patients excited about eyewear because he has such a love and passion for it.

Stephanie Shoreland, Eyewear Consultant

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