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Jeremy Tarian

Paris and eyewear are synonymous for Jérémy Tarian. Born and raised in the “La Ville-Lumière” – City of Lights – Tarian rode his bicycle and played in the city’s elegant parks. Along with his enriched family heritage in legendary eyewear, these fond childhood memories, and his respect of the environment, are warmly intertwined throughout his collection. In addition, his intellectual curiosity and appreciation of nature’s elements are revealed in his contemporary eyewear designs.

“I’ve always lived in big cities, and have derived inspirations from all the
shapes that we see every day. As
I don’t drive, I see everything from ground level, rather than flashes from a moving vehicle, allowing a more personal perspective and view of contours, balance, and symmetry.”

Jérémy’s objective is to create frames that manifest tradition, timeless style, and excellent craftsmanship. Jeremy has successfully achieved his goals with his unique designs and experience – blending art and nature’s elements, with fine materials, quality production, and gifted artisans.

Jeremy enthusiastically commented he enjoys working with a mix of acetate and metal, and experimenting with various color contrasts. Production is restricted to only 500 pieces each, resulting in a Limited Edition that is original and unique – as well as evoking improved appearance and self-confidence.

The award-winning designer, who has received two prestigious SILMO d’Or, also provides an educational and enlightening workshop at the prestigious HEAD School in Geneva, Switzerland.


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